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so much going on and i feel like i do oh so little i've been working… - everything has got its place and time
August 4th, 2005
11:14 am


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so much going on and i feel like i do oh so little

i've been working tons because my book that i'm editing is due monday and im halfway through ch. 7 of 13 chapters. yeah... fuck. but i should really stop worrying about the time jam because i do this every time and it always works out alright.

recently i've been scrapbooking a lot. i did one of senior year (august 04-july 05). so many pictures from everything! but its really cute and has tons of people in it. i like that. and i just started my England trip scrapbook that is going to take forever because it's a hardcore scrapbook with the little photo corners that hold pictures onto the pages and stuff like that. yeah. i <3 madeline.

monday graham and i went out for a while - involving quiznos. and then he drove me to madeline's house so i could reclaim my yearbook. and a nice collection of other maddie memoribilia. then he took me to GMHS for the JV basketball game i was coaching (we got slaughtered, but there is one AMAZING post player who is going to kick some butt next year).

tuesday was spent scrapbooking, largely. reading, too. but yeah, i find a lot of comfort in solitary activities because they mean #1 i'm not with my grandparents (whom i love dearly, but are so senile and slow that it's really difficult to keep your sanity if you are with them too long) and #2 if i don't like what i'm doing, i'm probably already in bed and i can just go to sleep until i think of something better to do.

tuesday afternoon, chris rescued me from spending the entire day at my grandparents. we watched "The Usual Suspects" which is always awesome (definitely one of my favorites ever -- i really like movies in that genre, so if you know any, recommend them). it's like a mystery but cooler with lots of plot twists. and i like kevin spacey like whoa. there were 11 frogs in his window well! 11! they kept jumping into the glass window panes and really bothering me (I was up reading Wicked). so before we left for dinner we got flashlights and walked around his house to investigate. 11! hehe. then we went to fridays for "dinner" and back home.

roger has been out in CA for the last week helping my uncle myron move. myron is still really sick having been cured of cancer but all the treatments and meds really wont' ever let him be himself so he asked for as much help as he could get. roger, however, got a hernia (sp?)... so there's surgery in our family's future. hooray!

right now my grandparents are at the bank with my mom setting up a special trust fund for my mom's (my aunt) schizophrenic sister. it's a special trust fund that will allow assets to be in her name without allowing the government to take the assets to help pay for her health care and whatnot. because since the government will have, by the time she dies, poured millions into her medical treatment and other expenses, they have the right to sieze anything in her name --- except with this special trust. so my grandparents are having my mom sign it with them so when they die my mom can watch over everything for my aunt cathy and make sure that the government doesn't do anything silly. bad government, bad.

anyway. i'm going to drive for the first time ever today since terrible tuesday. i'll let all of you know how that goes. i'm going to K-Mart. and to the bank.

oh!! how could i forget. everyday, i've been walking my dogs down to the creek and about a mile in where the bank gets close to the trail and i take them swimming. thurgood needs to be "persuaded" into going into the water (aka i pick him up and chuck him into the deep part where he can't touch and has no choice but to kick his stubby legs as fast as he possibly can). but belle really likes it and it is just heaps of fun! so yes, that is what they have been up to. no, they aren't at a shelter, yet. but i told my mom i was ready to give them up if it meant finding a place where our family could live. i'm not actually ready - that was a big lie - but i have to do what's best for my family, and clinging to my dogs isn't the answer right now.

take care.

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Date:August 4th, 2005 09:31 pm (UTC)
hey Maddie, I was wondering if you had publicity things on your computer for me (forms, sign-up sheets, old programs, etc.). I was looking in the packet you gave me and it mentioned some files from you and chris, so I wanted to find out about it before you leave forever:P

[User Picture]
Date:August 5th, 2005 08:18 am (UTC)
why yes, yes i do. in actuality - chris is going to give you a whole lot more than you need because he wants to give you every version of every poster ever. and that's stupid.

minus a poster or two, i have everything! :) ill burn it to a disc and get it to you before i disappear

[User Picture]
Date:August 5th, 2005 07:14 pm (UTC)
yay!!! I can pick it up sometime if you want. Just let me know:D
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