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August 19th, 2009
01:11 pm


Hello there...
Well, as you might imagine I sort of forgot this journal ever existed - its funny to read back through it, though. ANYWAY - as a life update, I have graduated from Carnegie Mellon and have moved to Los Angeles. Has anyone else ventured out west? Just curious.


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October 20th, 2006
11:07 pm


Drama kids question!! :)
What's the show schedule for this year?

I hope to make it to one.
Hope ya'll are hangin' in there.


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October 7th, 2006
05:06 pm


Workin' at the box office. all day. life is good :)

got in a fight w/ c last night owell.

i drive a motorcycle these days :) it's awesome.

college is fun. and when it isn't, you drink until you forget it's not.


open invitation to visitors.


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October 3rd, 2005
04:14 pm


So i haven't slept well in about a week and i believe i just failed a biology exam because i was moving at sub-zero speeds through the whole thing.

im so tired i can't really process anything anymore... which is really unfortunate since lots of things need to get processed at the box office. so this just blows

and i'm working in the box office from 10:30 till 2 tomorrow which leaves little to no time to try and catch up on any sleep.

but you know what. i made it through my classes and that's all that really matters... now i just need to finish working and get some dinner (perhaps) and work out (perhaps) and sleep (definitely).

not a good start to a long week if you ask me.

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September 21st, 2005
05:38 pm


plans for the future
i think what i might be planning to do is come home the friday of one axe to hang out and see the show and then go back to CMU at the end of thanksgiving break - it would involve missing 2 days of school, a sacrifice i am willing to make for not having to make the same trip twice in a matter of days.

hope things are looking up drama kids.


ps. HEY ALUMS: when are you guys gonna be around?

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September 15th, 2005
01:43 pm


working my new(est) shift in Purnell today. i made a few ticket sales, that was awesome. there are two really cool guys working with me here today that i'd seen around but never met before and they're both nice. Matt and ... (Michael... someone said his name later) im drawing a blank. but still cool. so yeah - i work here about 9 hours a week, which will REALLY help me out with work-study. since i have a lot of that. let's see... my classes are pretty easy for the most part. i'm only taking 4, so how hard can it really be. i get along with the girls on my floor and for the most part i get along with everyone i've met here. a few people rub me the wrong way, but for the first time in my life im around enough other people that it doesn't matter when you don't get along with someone else.

i have a chemistry 'mastery' exam tonight. it's a test i can take up to 6 times during this semester, but i must get an 85 or higher on it by the end of the semester or else i will not receive credit in my intro to modern chemistry class (no matter how well i do in the subject.) i think that's kind of silly... but it's the way things are. i haven't studied for it at all, so im planning on just going in and winging it to see how i do so i get an idea of how much studying i should do to pass it the next time. just to give myself a frame of reference, ya know?

my roommate reminds me a REDICULOUS amount of myself. i love her. i feel really bad for the poeple on my floor who don't get along with their roommates because they're missing out on such a good time. heather and i talk and hangout constantly and share crazy stories of our pasts and its just an all around good time. :) im excited.

i got my first package today. unfortunately it was just a gift i'd ordered for someone else that came several weeks late and was just a pain in the ass. but the point is i got one!!! so yay. and you should send me letters!!! because i like getting mail. <3 to MK (but i tell her everyday that i love her so she should know that anyway - and no, that wasn't an exaggeration).

family problems continue to dwell at "home." my family has moved to west virginia into a house i've never seen or anything so i don't really consider it home, yet. (if i ever will). but my brother flew there today to take care of things and make sure everything's okay and he'll call me as soon as he knows. which is a big relief from all the worrying that i've been doing lately. im a big worry wart - i've realized that. and that is a gross saying - i just called myself a wart. yeah... *twitch*

so yeah, i get to clock out at 2 so i might go take another nap (i took one from 930 to 1045 after: calc before work). or i could go running... im in love with the elliptical. it's awesome - you can go forever and ever and ever - and my knees don't hurt afterwards.

and michael (who's flaming) had a computer radio thing on that was just plaing show tunes and avenue Q came on so everyone was singing and people in the lobby started singing too and it just made my day. so i think i can leave now, having found my purpose and having had a sexilient day.


let me know how things are going, kiddos.
someone tell allie that i want to talk to her sometime
(CARA do you know her AIM... or RYAN?)
someone has to. i miss minime.

Jane: you alive and good?
my little children?


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September 9th, 2005
12:47 pm


i. love. not. being. at. home.
i miss a few people - but really, i needed to get away from nova and cmu has been amazing thusfar.
i know i haven't written but *shrug* i've been really busy

i have a fair amount of work, but mostly i'm constantly around other people and 99.9% of the time that's how i like it. nice.

my roommate, heather, and i get along AMAZINGLY well. she's from salem, mass - and says "wicked" a lot... which is supercool. :-D

it's strange to run into TJ people a lot (since there are 13 of us here). i like still having chris around - he lives 3 floors below me. i really want a package - everyone else gets them. i think i have 2 coming... but the one was shipped 2 weeks ago and still isn't here. so im sad. :(

im going to do student theatre here. i think i might've bit off more than i could chew with that one, but we'll see.

im not doing greeklife or crew i don't think. but i work out everyday because there's a gym on the 3rd floor of my dorm so i have no excuse not to. in fact that's where ill be going in a few seconds. :) i like using it during the day when i'm the only one there. it's awesome.

hardest class by far is chemistry - the teacher makes zero sense and what he posts on blackboard (yes, colleges use it, too) makes even less sense. so i'm just trying to pass it for the most part *nod*
i LOVE english and bio for the most part. and math is supereasy cause im taking AB calc (even though i took BC last year and got a 5 on the AP so clearly im proficient to some degree in calculus?) but that's fine with me. it's nice to know that i don't have to work too hard in one my my four classes (yes, im a superslacker this semseter).

but yeah, things are going really, really well. im in love with like half the girls on my floor and i really like chris's roommate and overall things are awesome :)

dates ill be home are still TBD - but ill let you know when i do. thanksgiving is likely :)

yeah, im all smiles right now. ill let you know when that changes.


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August 26th, 2005
10:37 am


take me baby, or leave me
orientation had been - for lack of a better word - exhausting.
i've met about 1000 people, some i like some i dont, most i don't remember.
i imagine things will settle pretty thuroughly over the next few weeks, though.
im excited for classes if for no other reason than it signals the end of orientation.

if i had a digital camera, i would show you what my room looks like, but i don't.

so just know that there is a section devoted to brad pitt, i have my REGAN banner up from WSS, a big orange slice luan thing madeline made me, tons of pictures, a charicature, and millions of other things to keep me company. tons of harley stuff, too. everyone seems incrediby impressed when they find out i have a motorcycle. :D

my roommate is cool, as are most of the girls on my floor...
i've met tons of cool people, hopefully i'll stay friends with some of them, but one can never tell.
im counting on activities for most of my close friendships.
im thinking about:
SNS (student theatre orginizaiton)
and possibly a sorority

and don't gasp at the last one, because from what i've heard from people both involved in greek life and not it's not like the average college. they do TONS of community service (i talked to an '02 tj grad at a frat party his house was having and their frat KE did over 1200 hours last semester). so that aspect really appeals to me. and you'd be exposed to tons of people  -  but i don't know, my schedule (not this semester but in future ones) will be REALLY demanding, so we'll just have to see. there are always other ways to make friends :)

so yes, i haven't written because i've been terribly busy. but write to me! there's nothing more depressing than going to your mailbox and finding out that it's empty.


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August 23rd, 2005
01:13 am


my mailing address at CMU
hello kids!

Madeline Regan
Carnegie Mellon University
SMC 3862
5032 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-3862

send me letters!!!!

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August 4th, 2005
11:14 am


so much going on and i feel like i do oh so little

i've been working tons because my book that i'm editing is due monday and im halfway through ch. 7 of 13 chapters. yeah... fuck. but i should really stop worrying about the time jam because i do this every time and it always works out alright.

recently i've been scrapbooking a lot. i did one of senior year (august 04-july 05). so many pictures from everything! but its really cute and has tons of people in it. i like that. and i just started my England trip scrapbook that is going to take forever because it's a hardcore scrapbook with the little photo corners that hold pictures onto the pages and stuff like that. yeah. i <3 madeline.

monday graham and i went out for a while - involving quiznos. and then he drove me to madeline's house so i could reclaim my yearbook. and a nice collection of other maddie memoribilia. then he took me to GMHS for the JV basketball game i was coaching (we got slaughtered, but there is one AMAZING post player who is going to kick some butt next year).

tuesday was spent scrapbooking, largely. reading, too. but yeah, i find a lot of comfort in solitary activities because they mean #1 i'm not with my grandparents (whom i love dearly, but are so senile and slow that it's really difficult to keep your sanity if you are with them too long) and #2 if i don't like what i'm doing, i'm probably already in bed and i can just go to sleep until i think of something better to do.

tuesday afternoon, chris rescued me from spending the entire day at my grandparents. we watched "The Usual Suspects" which is always awesome (definitely one of my favorites ever -- i really like movies in that genre, so if you know any, recommend them). it's like a mystery but cooler with lots of plot twists. and i like kevin spacey like whoa. there were 11 frogs in his window well! 11! they kept jumping into the glass window panes and really bothering me (I was up reading Wicked). so before we left for dinner we got flashlights and walked around his house to investigate. 11! hehe. then we went to fridays for "dinner" and back home.

roger has been out in CA for the last week helping my uncle myron move. myron is still really sick having been cured of cancer but all the treatments and meds really wont' ever let him be himself so he asked for as much help as he could get. roger, however, got a hernia (sp?)... so there's surgery in our family's future. hooray!

right now my grandparents are at the bank with my mom setting up a special trust fund for my mom's (my aunt) schizophrenic sister. it's a special trust fund that will allow assets to be in her name without allowing the government to take the assets to help pay for her health care and whatnot. because since the government will have, by the time she dies, poured millions into her medical treatment and other expenses, they have the right to sieze anything in her name --- except with this special trust. so my grandparents are having my mom sign it with them so when they die my mom can watch over everything for my aunt cathy and make sure that the government doesn't do anything silly. bad government, bad.

anyway. i'm going to drive for the first time ever today since terrible tuesday. i'll let all of you know how that goes. i'm going to K-Mart. and to the bank.

oh!! how could i forget. everyday, i've been walking my dogs down to the creek and about a mile in where the bank gets close to the trail and i take them swimming. thurgood needs to be "persuaded" into going into the water (aka i pick him up and chuck him into the deep part where he can't touch and has no choice but to kick his stubby legs as fast as he possibly can). but belle really likes it and it is just heaps of fun! so yes, that is what they have been up to. no, they aren't at a shelter, yet. but i told my mom i was ready to give them up if it meant finding a place where our family could live. i'm not actually ready - that was a big lie - but i have to do what's best for my family, and clinging to my dogs isn't the answer right now.

take care.

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